What are the three pieces of wedding jewelry for the bride  

We know that marriage requires buying wedding jewelry, which is often referred to as "three-piece wedding set". What is three-piece wedding jewelry set? What are the main three pieces of wedding jewelry? Here's how.
Three pieces of wedding jewelry set
First of all, when new couples buy wedding jewelry, the most common choices are rings, earrings and necklaces. Secondly, since these three jewelry items are optional, they are classified as wedding jewelry set purchase, which is more favorable in price and more popular with new people. The most important thing is that the three pieces of jewelry, such as ring, earring and necklace, are combined together to make the bride look more attractive and elegant.
Generally speaking, when new couples buy wedding jewelry, most people will buy gold je

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اصطلاح و عبارات و تکیه کلامهای عامیانه و رایج زبان انگلیسی قسمت 7  

You make me sick: حالمو بهم میزنی
 let me see the john: میخوام برم دست شوی  
It’s all up with him/her: آب از سرش گذشته
 Tit for tat: این به اون در 
cost an arm and a leg…..خیلی گران 
It’s my treat: (نوبت منه (که حساب کنم 
High Five or Up Top: بزن قدش
I wish the best for you: بهترینها رو برای شما آرزو می کنم
I wish you many years of happiness: سالهای شاد بسیاری را برای شما آرزو دارم
Heartiest congratulations: صمیمانه ترین تبریکات
as easy as ABC/ it’s a piece of cake/ It’s duck soap: براحتی آب خوردن
my hands are tied: دست و بالم بسته

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